Cowal Masonic Lodges

About the Grand Lodge of Scotland

The Grand Lodge of Scotland was formed in the year 1736 by some thirty-three Lodges then working in Scotland. Some of these thirty-three Lodges were old at that time – at least three of them were at work in 1598. There are now over one thousand Lodges on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and nearly as many which used to be under the Grand Lodge of Scotland now form part of other Grand Lodges all over the world.

The Grand Lodge of Scotland is composed of the Grand Master Mason, its Office-bearers and the Master and Wardens of every lodge under its authority. It is the supreme Masonic authority, legislative, executive and judicial within Scotland and has exclusive jurisdiction over the Degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft (including the Mark) and Master Mason.

The presiding Officer in our Grand Lodge is the Grand Master Mason. He is assisted by Grand wardens and other Grand Office-bearers. Like every Lodge, Grand Lodge has its Committees and Benevolent Funds. The day-to-day administration of Grand Lodge is carried out by the Grand Secretary and his staff. The headquarters of Grand Lodge are in Edinburgh, and four Meetings (called Quarterly Communications ) are held every year. While only members of Grand Lodge can speak or vote at a meeting , visitors are always welcome and once admitted to the degree of Master Mason you will be free to attend Grand Lodge as a visitor.

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