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In Memoriam

Tribute  To  Bro.  Allan  Douglas  Past Master  Lodge  1435

Allan Douglas was  born  in  Springburn  Glasgow on  the  12th. June 1936 and like myself he was a Glasgow ‘Keely’. His  mother married  a  Bute  farmer when he was three years old  and  he  moved  to  his  beloved  Isle  of  Bute .When he was eighteen he enlisted in the R.A.F. for  National  Service and  signed on  for  three  years.

After  doing  his  bit  for  Queen  and  Country he  had  a  spell  as  a lorry  driver before joining the West Riding  Police. He  was  an  inch  too  short for the  “Glasgow  Polis” In  those  days  size  mattered  more  to  the  “Polis” rather  than  brains. Later  he  joined the Burgh of Paisley Force ,the Renfrew and  Bute and  eventually Strathclyde .During his police service  he  served in  Bute, Campbeltown and  Dunoon as  well  as  Paisley. He arrived in Dunoon sometime around 1976.

I  first  met  Sergeant  Douglas  when  he  lifted  four  wanderers in  George Street , Hunter’s  Quay at  about  1am  on  a  frosty  Sunday  Morning in November 1977. Having emigrated to Dunoon in 1975 and having been in the Freemasonry for twelve years ,I was visiting the local  lodges  and  making friends  in the Craft On that occasion we were making our  way home  on  foot from Lodge  1435′s Installation in  the  Dunnivard Hotel (alas no more) when a  Panda  Car stopped and a sergeant of  Strathclyde’s  Finest issued a  command “Get in  the  Car” .We  duly complied and  we  all  got  a  lift  home. I next met Allan in Lodge 1435 to which we both affiliated and where we enjoyed a  lasting  friendship.

Brother  Douglas  was  initiated  into  Lodge  292  in 1970  his Grand Lodge Diploma is  dated  16 /2/1970 and he  affiliated  to  Lodge  1435 on the 19th Dec 1979. He was proposed by  Br.  Irvine  Clark (one of  the  four  wanderers) and seconded by the then Lodge Secretary  Br. Eric  Logan .Br.  Douglas  quickly moved  up  through  the offices and became Master of the Lodge in 1986. In 1989 he was appointed to the office of Secretary which he still occupied when he died on  the  14th July 2010

Allan was  partially responsible for an incident when a young  police woman entered the  Lodge  during a Third  Degree. It is the custom in Lodge 1435 for the Brn. to provide the refreshments for the harmony. Allan  had  duly arranged for Isobel to make a loaf of sandwiches and of  course he  had  left  them in  the  kitchen  at  home Isobel being resourceful took the sandwiches to  the  station and  the  night shift agreed  to  deliver them. The male constable in the car , being in the Craft , delegated his colleague to deliver the pieces via a fire  door  which  he  knew  would  not  be  tiled. Imagine  the  consternation when she appeared , deposited the sandwiches and fled.

In the late  eighties  Allan  suffered severe  health problems  and  was  invalided  out of  the Police Force.. This  did  not  restrict  his  Masonic  activities.

One  night  when  returning from a meeting.  in the  good  suit  and  carrying  the secretary’s case , he met one of his  former  customers  for  the  nick. The  lady in question took one look at him , out  of  uniform  and  with  the  case ,she  greeted  him ” God ! its you !, I hope you are a better  f………. doctor  than you  were  a  polisman “  . The  Dr. stole quietly  away  home.

As a Freemason  Allan  Douglas  made a significant contribution to the Craft  in Argyll. He was a Past  Senior  Warden of  the Province  and  he  held   high office in the Royal Arch. He was also a  member of  other orders. . Allan  liked  to  be  at  the  heart of things in the Lodge or  the Chapter. This  did  not  mean that  he  had to be the Master or First Principal but it  did  mean  that he  liked  to  make  a  contribution  to the working  of the organisation.

As a secretary he was one of  the  most  efficient  I  have  ever  come  across. He could write the  minute  during the  meeting  just  as  he  had  written  up his notebook when in the  force. That  is  a  rare  skill.. He  liked  to  be  involved in    Lodge  292  there  is a board on the wall of the  social  club  giving  the  names  of  the  convenors of the club. The first name on the board is A.  Douglas

In his passing we have lost an esteemed  brother and a friend. I for one feel  privileged to have worked with him and enjoyed his companionship for all these years.
Bro. Lindsay K. Hunter PM 1435

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