Innellan Masonic Lodge


On Wednesday 21st April 1948 a social evening was held in the Royal Hotel Innellan (alas no more ) to bring together Brethren in Innellan in a social capacity.

In the immediate post war years there was a large number of Brethren who had moved to the area and the nearest Lodge was in Dunoon, some 5 miles away. With poor bus services and very few cars Dunoon was a long walk away.

At the dinner and harmony there were fifty Brethren present and thirty Lodges represented. From this original dinner new contacts and new friendships were formed , consequently there was a further request by the Brethren for another dinner to be held.

At the second dinner on 27th October 1948 the chair was taken by Br. Dr. Simpson Crawford, the guest of honour was Br. Logan of Kimet Lodge in the U.S.A. As a result of this second dinner a public meeting of Brethren was held and a small committee was set up to investigate the formation of a new Lodge in Innellan. The Chairman of this committee was Dr. Simpson Crawford and the Secretary was Br. Alexander Hamilton.
On the 17th December 1948 Br. Crawford visited the Grand Secretary in Edinburgh for advice, from this meeting a petition was drawn up.

On the 12th January 1949 Lodge 496 St Munns endorsed this petition, the following week on the 17th January 1949 Lodge 292 Rothesay endorsed the petition and on the 18th January 1949 Lodge 335 Dunoon endorsed the petition, ( They did not hang about in 1949), the founding Brethren did a lot of running about on public transport in the middle of winter to get their petition signed.

On the 19th January 1949 the petition was endorsed by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Argyll and the Isles in Lochgilphead and the Brethren motored through the night in dreadful conditions to present their petition to the Grand Committee on the 20th January 1949.

On the 3rd Febraury 1949 the petition was endorsed by the Grand Lodge of Scotland, and whilst the Brethren were in Edinburgh they visited Messers. Bethune and ordered regalia for an Installation in the following April. They must have had considerable powers of persuasion to get the order completed in that time given the post war shortages. The Brethren concerned were Br. Dr. Simpson Crawford 553, Br. Allan 175, Br McIntyre 335 and Br. A. Hamilton 335

The Lodge was consecrated on the 9th April 1949 by the Provisional Grand Lodge of Argyll and the Isles. The Provisional Grand master was Br. Donald Mackay Kerr, Past Master of Lodge 180 and the Grand Lodge of Scotland was represented by Br. George J. Miller Grand Senior Warden. Fifty four members from thirty different Lodges were present, twenty two from Lodge 335 in Dunoon. The first Master was Br. Dr. Simpson Crawford 195 and in the first year fourteen candidates were presented, twelve of which came from Innellan.

Dr. Crawford went onto become Provisional Grand Master, and with growing confidence Lodge 496 St. Munn invited Innellan to work a Mark Degree, this was their first invitation to work outside their own Lodge. Our first invitation was sent to Lodge 292 on the 21st September 1949 who worked a Fellowcraft Degree.

Lodge tradition has it that the carpet used was borrowed from Lodge 292 Rothesay. It was sent by fishing boat to Innellan Pier and returned the next day by the same boat. Their is nothing in the minute books to back up this story but there is a note recorded at a General Committee meeting that Kenning and Sons had been paid £22.50 for a carpet which they could not trace, however the carpet eventually turned up and we have been using it ever since.

Initiation Fee in 1949 was £7. 35
Mark Degree was £0.125 ( Half a crown)
Affiliation  £3. 15 or £3 3/-
Annual Dues £0.35 or 7/-
Commutation Fee £3. 75

How times have changed !

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